smallgoods/ˈsmɔːlɡʊdz/ noun pl. cooked dried, cured and otherwise processed meat products, such as salami

whole animal

at asmallgood we use whole animals sourced direct from local farmers, raised on living pasture with the highest level of animal welfare. We also use primal cuts sourced from all natural and certified human producers as close as we can find them.  


in the shop we practice seam butchery, a traditional european technique that focuses on pulling out individual muscle groups reducing waste and allowing for a better preperation of salami grinds and whole muscle cures.

Half hog ready for cure.jpg

wild fermentation

asmallgood proudly makes salumi with terroir, products that couldn't be made anywhere else. the heart of our program in wild fermentation. we forgo the standard freeze dried  cultures for our own in house ferments. these are built up from the spent hard cider lees we collect from a local hard cidery that spontaneously ferments its cider. to this we add our own lacto brines to build up the vigor before using it to catalyze the fermentation of our salami. we are currently the only USDA facility in the US wild fermenting its products.


building on our wild fermentation process we culture all our salumi with koji mould. koji initiates a complex enzymatic process that breaks down proteins to create deep and savory umami flavors.  


native and wild craft ingredients 

keeping our regional focus many of our flavour profiles are build around native and wild crafted ingredients. ramp salami, bresaola cured with northern spice bush, we want to create products that speak of the land the bore them.